January 27, 2014

JET Introduces Industry's First Variable-Speed Electric Hoist

LaVergne, TN – After years of field research and gathering customer feedback, JET® has introduced the VOLT Series of Electric Hoists. The VOLT is the industry’s first line of variable-speed electric hoists. The VOLT’s game-changing technology creates the standard for a true variable-speed electric hoist with an infinite range of available speeds to increase productivity. VOLT provides the operator with complete control of the hoist to increase speeds on longer lifts or bring loads to a crawl when accuracy, precision and safety count.

“With the JET VOLT, we’ve provided the perfect solution for customers needing total control and precision when lifting and lowering workloads by designing and giving them complete speed control at their fingertips. There’s no more need to bump fire, or toggle loads during a lift in order to accurately place the load,” said Sandy DeWald, JET’s product manager. “We designed the Full-Range Speed Control technology with our customers in mind to get jobs done more efficiently by employing this patent-pending technology where the operator is in full control of the load.”

The VOLT is getting the job done in factory applications and users are taking notice. “The VOLT hoist has given all the guys in our facility the ability to precisely place our dies in very tight places,” said Greg Fox, of Fischer Tool & Die Corp., Tullahoma, TN. “It is reducing damage and saving us a lot of time and money. Everyone has gotten used to that level of precision and now we all want it on every lift we make. It’s our goal to replace all of our 1, 2 or 3-speed hoists with the variable-speed VOLT.”

All JET hoists are engineered to meet strict tolerances and are constructed with quality materials to ensure they last. The VOLT Series has an H4 Duty Rating and is designed for demanding duty cycles and the toughest applications.

The VOLT electric hoists incorporate a durable and reliable Hitachi® inverter for precise speed control. Proprietary programming ensures smooth continuous control with soft starts and stops throughout the lift, increasing durability and extending hoist life. JET is launching a full line of variable speed electric hoists, with models available in both single phase and three-phase, 230 volt and 460 volt models with standard lifts of 10, 15 and 20 ft.

JET’s commitment to safety is evident by the numerous safety and durability features that come standard on every unit. Overload protection increases jobsite safety by preventing the operator from being able to lift more than the rated capacity of the hoist. Thermal overload protection extends the life of the hoist by protecting the motor from overheating during low voltage or overuse situations. The heavy-duty, DC electromagnetic brake is an industry-proven safety that secures the load even if power is interrupted to the hoist. All JET hoists are compliant with ANSI/ASME and OSHA regulations. The JET VOLT Series is covered by a lifetime warranty, as well as JET RED AssuranceTM, the industry’s most dependable service and support guarantee program.

To locate a dealer for JET VOLT electric hoists and accessories, visit jettools.com and click on Where To Buy. VOLT electric hoists, trolleys and accessories are also available at many of JET’s authorized industrial distributors and online retailers. For further assistance, contact Consumer Relations at 800-274-6848, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST, Monday-Friday).

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